Heritage Open Day – Cloth & history

So the project becomes part of the Weavers House display for the Heritage Open Days and Travis is one of the main attractions.

Alongside the other people demonstrating spinning and dyeing with woad to make Coventry Blue, Travis explains the principles of weaving to an impressed public, over and over again. He bears up well, but unfortunately the loom doesn’t. A suspect screw that has been bothering Travis and I throughout the two weeks, now fails and an emergency repair has to take place with the help of Trust volunteer Brian, using an authentic medieval electric drill…
The repairs are quick and the loom now looks a lot more robust and less likely to snag clothing or fingers, so we’re all happy.

It’s a good day, weather changeable but not torrential and the house and gardens look very fine. The first blanket woven by the general public, is displayed on a ‘tenter’ – a frame for stretching out the fabric and is much admired. And as people get entranced by the process of weaving, yet more fabric begins to emerge from the loom.

What are we going to do with it all? This is a question Travis always faces at the end of a project and he finds it interesting to invite the public to make suggestions. So far we’ve not had many, though – any ideas from the webosphere welcome.

Last chance to meet Travis at the Weavers House today, Sunday 11, 10.00-4.00.

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