Day 2: Back strap looms

Day 2 and the action moves to the Weavers House, where Travis is based when he’s not out and about.

Travis felt that there were some slight design flaws with the loom and so has decided to make some tweaks, just as soon as he gets hold of a drill. (Wednesday probably).

Instead we start using Travis’s backstrap looms. The looms involve forty warp threads, in two sections, which are simply separated by an up and down movement of the heddle, as you pass the shuttle back and forth through them.
Our first customer, Mary gets experimental with the design almost immediately.

Later on we visited a group of 3 & 4 year olds at Little People’s Nursery. We found that weaving can be broken down into a series of tasks if one’s coordination is limited. So I worked with Teeagen who had the loom round her waist and moved the heddle when she remembered, Nell who passed the shuttle and jumped up and down, and then I passed it back to her and untangled threads. Great teamwork!

Back at the Weaver’s House, we’re beginning to attract the attention of passersby as we decided to weave at the front of the house, tying the looms to doorhandles and drain pipes.

We even lured in the local Street Wardens who were fascinated by the looms and brave enough to have a go.

Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be offering weaving with cake at the ROSE centre – a recently re-opened community centre – in the hopes that it’s an irresistible combination for local people.

And hopefully the loom will get warped.

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